Shirt Laundry

Nothing helps you stand out from the crowd better than a professionally pressed shirt!


Many cleaners have installed automated equipment to do shirts faster.


But at Thorndale Cleaners, we know that shirts look best when they are finished by hand so that sides and sleeves are nealty creased.



It takes us a little longer but we prefer quality over our convenience.


Our professional shirt service includes:

  • Collar Treatment
  • Starching according to your preference
  • Expertly Cleaned
  • Hand-finishing
  • Free Button Replacement

Other Services 

  • Tuxedo shirts?    Yes, we can do those too.
  • French Cuff Shirts?  Your cuffs are folded and firmly clipped for your convenience.
  • Travelling?   Let us experetly fold your shirts and place them in box so they can be easily packed.

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