Together, Lets make 2021 the best year ever!
     Together, Lets make 2021 the best year ever!

Special Information about Covid-19!


We've made modifications

to our environment :

-  Installed a Plexiglass

barrier shield.

-  Placed tape 6 feet apart

on our floor.

Please Wear a Mask

Let's All Protect Each Other

We've noticed that masks for very small

children are not available in the stores.

So, we have them complimentary for you in sizes

2 to 6 years old for our precious little ones. 

    Also, during this pandemic we support our community in helping to reduce the spread of this deadly virus.

   According to the World Health Organization (WHO) many bacteria, viruses and protozoa are inactivated at 158 degrees. 

   Although there's no concrete temperature set by the CDC for covid-19 there's proof that other similar corona viruses such as SARS and MERS are sterilized at 158 Degrees.

   The CDC and WHO acknowledge professional dry cleaning and laundry which includes thorough cleaning and steam pressing is affective for most viruses.

   We know how important clean clothes can be in these tough times so we’re doing our best to clean and sanitize your precious garments and household goods.  

   More than your typical cleaning business we provide high quality at competitive prices for all your garment needs including: 

  - Cleaning for Personal, Residential and Commercial Business. 

  - Tailoring - Alterations - Repairs 

  - High end Tuxedo Rental for your special events. 


  We take pride in extending the life of your garments and making them look great event after event!


  Taking time to  listen, we show great care in both your garments and you as a valued customer.


Come visit us to find out why we are your first choice for your garment needs in this area.


*** Reliable Quality - Good Prices - Good Environment - Nice people ***

 We guarantee clean textiles.



From shirts and suits to wedding gown cleaning and storage, we clean everything professionally.


With our many years of experience, we are the perfect choice for taking care of your precious delicate fabrics and dry cleaning needs. 


We're also the quality choice for your alterations and  Tuxedo Rental 

Tips on Garment Care

* Stains can easily ruin your precious garments. The more time the stain is in, the worse the possible damage. It's best to have them removed the sooner the better!

* For your sweaters:

       Food and drink stains attract moths.

       We recommend to have your stained sweater dry cleaned as soon as you can to                  avoid moth damage. 


* For your silk and other delicate fabrics:

       Stains will set immediately if you attempt to wash them with water.

       The best thing to do is to have them professionally dry cleaned.


* For your Mens Dress Shirts: 

       We Hand Finish every shirt to provide the finest quality.

       We always check and repair any broken buttons without charge.
       We can fold and place your shirt in a box for travel at a minimal charge.
* It's best to clean your garments at the end of each season guaranteeing they are fresh and ready for next year.

Special Offers:


See our 'Services' Page for our every day affordable prices.


In addition you can get a additional 20% off your Dry Cleaning when you spend $20.00 or more on it (does not apply to special items). 


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Sat  8:30am to 4:00pm

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