Bridal Services

Thorndale Cleaners is the premier LOCAL bridal preparation and preservation cleaner in the Downingtown / Thorndale / Coatesville area.


Each year we help precious brides get their dress ready for the big day and preserve it once it was done.



Services Prior to the Wedding: 

  • Pressing the bride's gown

  • Pressing the bridal party's dresses (including the Mother of the Bride)






 After your special day, Thorndale Cleaners can    clean and help preserve your gown for years to come.











Before your wedding day, please purchase an undyed, unbleached cotton sheet. Wash the sheet in hot water without detergent. 


Then on your wedding day, as soon as you take off your gown, just wrap it in the sheet.


Please NEVER store your gown in a plastic bag.


It's best to keep your gown as flat as possible and away from sunlight and damp areas.


Upon arriving at Thorndale Cleaners, we will inspect your gown with you and note any stains or other areas that need special attention.


At that time you can let us know if you want it preserved in a museum-quality box or if you will keep it in hanging storage. 



Thorndale Cleaners will expertly clean and press your gown by hand. 



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